Why My Favorite Night Cream So Great?

Four of the most common eye area issues are puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and crow’s feet, and loss of hydration. While many eye creams exist, most only moisturize the skin. My Favorite Night Cream does contain nourishing moisturizers, but the formulation also has compounds shown to reduce wrinkles and swelling. For that reason, it is fundamentally different from most other eye creams. 

My Favorite Night Cream:

 • Makes skin less rough to improve appearance and texture

• Reduces the depth of crow’s feet and wrinkles

• Relieves fluid accumulation to reduce puffiness

• Makes fine lines less noticeable

• Makes skin firmer and provides a lifting effect

• Leaves skin hydrated and soft

Extra Tips to Reduce Eye Wrinkles:

• Limit Exposure to UV Rays - Sun exposure is one of the prime causes of wrinkles.

• Use sunscreen with a minimum SPF 20. Be sure to re-apply every 2-3 hours when staying outdoors for any prolonged length of time.

• Do not use tanning booths. The UV exposure is the same if not worse that natural sunlight.

• Wear sunglasses with UV protective lenses.

• Avoid Dehydration - Drink plenty of water. Six to eight glasses of water daily is recommended

• Limit beverages containing caffeine or alcohol. These can cause dehydration making skin dry and increases appearance of wrinkles

• Limit nicotine. Smoking depletes the skin of much needed hydration.

Want to try a free sample of our Night Cream? Just request a sample with your next order. The proof is in the trying. You will get a good sized sample. Enough to be able to tell the results. But you have to do your part as well. That means using it as directed!